Sunday, October 02, 2005

A couple of positive things about the snow

Sunday is normally a day of rest here at the North Pole.

Thanks to Dimmis’ snow making machine, this Sunday was a day of tunneling.

Actually, I think the dwarves had a jolly time of it. It was a pleasure to watch them dig away, and to teach mining techniques to elves and gnomes.

The dwarves reported that the snow produced by Dimmis’ machine is quite dense, so it packs well. That made for strong walls.

With the regular snow since yesterday, the red, blue and green piles of snow were all covered so they couldn’t be seen from the air. Good thing: imagine if some pilot spotted us!

But from the ground level, the colored snows did have one pleasant effect.

When the dwarves set up lights within the tunnels, the colored snows made the tunnels look green, red and blue. It was quite lovely.


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