Wednesday, September 28, 2005



Days of snow.

Snow in the forecast.

What else can you expect at the North Pole!

The children were all out playing in the snow while the sun was still up.

Some of them were making snow angels. Imagine the size of snow angels made by gnomes!

The only smaller snow angels I can imagine is the ones we might have if we had pixies living here too.

We also saw Dimmis’ latest invention in action: a snow making machine.

Several other elves tried to point out that we already had more than enough snow at the North Pole, but Dimmis said he could make better snow.

Well, he turned on his machine, and it did make snow!

Red snow.

Blue snow.

Green snow.

I guess better is in the eyes of the beholder!

Some of the children used the colored snow to make snow men and snow women.

Red, blue and green ones.

Interesting. Very creative.

Dimmis seemed pleased.

Alandil, who is a bit of a joker, quipped that he could make his own colored snow.

Yellow snow.

When Dimmis and the other elves figures out what he meant, they pummeled him with snowballs.

Red, blue, and green ones!


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