Friday, September 23, 2005


“We ask to come visit to give your attempt our official blessing,” Eldinil said.

I could have fainted.

“It’s about time were elder races learned to get along,” Rurgec said. “The dark forces are growing stronger, and we need to work together.”

“Of course,” I said, “You are always welcome.”

‘We will set a time later,” Namwyn said. “For now, we would like to hear from you how it is going.”

I told them everything – the good and the bad.

I must have spoken for an hour. The let me continue uninterrupted.

When I finished, Eldinil nodded.

“It is much as we heard,” he said. “Both King Rurgec and I have heard form those of our people who are happy, and unhappy. But the different stories all tell the same story: Those of good will are working hard and are making it work.”

“I hear you even have some interesting music being developed,” Namwyn said. “I look forward to hearing elvish, dwarf and gnome voices sing in harmony.”

“Just as we long for harmony among our races,” Eldinil added.

The meeting lasted through the day and into the night.

Oh, and there was plenty of food and drink along the way as well!

Indeed, the feast continued well into Saturday. It turns out the three races were also forging treaties to work together elsewhere in the world.

I also learned about what the dark forces were doing.

It left me uneasy.


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