Thursday, September 22, 2005

King Eldinil begins

“Welcome Santa Claus,” King Eldinil said. “We are honored by your presence.”

I bowed.

“I too am honored. It is not often one is in such company.”

“We wanted to meet with you to discuss a matter of great urgency,” King Eldinil said. “King Rurgec of the Dwarf confederation and Namwyn of the Council of Gnomes and I have talked at length about the changes at the North Pole.”

“We have heard disturbing things about your attempt to resurrect the tradition of eles, dwarves and gnomes living side by said,” Namwyn said.

“I must admit I was uneasy,” King Rurgec said.

“We have a request to make,” Eldinil said.

My heart sank. Are they going to ask me to stop?


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