Saturday, October 01, 2005

A little too much snow

Dimmis decided that since it was Saturday, a day for fun and recreation, he would use his snow machine to help make more snow for fun.

He got up before the rest of us, well before dawn, dragged the machine into the town square, and turned it on.

The town square began to fill with red, blue and green snow.

He planned to surprise us when we woke.

When he decided there was enough of the colored snow, he flicked the switch to turn the machine off.

It wouldn’t turn off.

He flicked it again.

No luck.

And again.

Still no luck.

Now at that point, any other elf might have decided it was time to get help.

But Dimmis is an independent sort.

So he kept fiddling with the machine.

And the snow got higher and higher and higher.

Mrs. Claus and I were still in bed, half awake, but not ready to get up yet.

Then she sat up.

“Dear,” she said. “Since when is snow blue?”

I sat up.

Blue snow was piling up against the window.

We sleep on the second floor.

I rushed down the stairs and looked out the front windows. They were blocked by snow.

I went out the back door.

Red, blue, green and white snow was falling all around me.

I raced around to the front of the building – as far as I could get anyway – and saw the snow piled high.

I went back into the house and hit the alarm bells.

Soon I was joined on top of the pile. It was still growing.

We followed the column of rising snow to here there was a hole. At the bottom of the hole, Dimmis was still trying to turn his machine off.

“Turn it off,” I yelled.

“I’ll get it in a minute he called back.

A minute passed.

At that point the dwarf Ulgoff, armed with an ax, leapt into the hole.

There was a loud “CLANG!”

No more snow came out of the hole.

We spent the rest of the day digging snow away from building entrances.

Many of the diggers threw the snow into the hole, covering the machine.

Maybe we’ll find it next spring.

As for Dimmis, he went off to his workshop to get his digging machine.

We made sure we piled snow in front of his door to keep him busy!


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