Saturday, September 24, 2005

A sign of hope

Although they had hinted at the growing darkness in the world, it wasn’t directly brought up until lunch the next day.

King Rurgec looked at King Eldinil and Counselor Namwyn, who both nodded.

“We need to talk about one final thing,” King Rurgec said. “As you know, my people are lovers of deep places in the earth.

“Not long ago, we found signs of goblin activity in one deep cave. But there was more. Trolls had been with them. And gremlins.”

“And we have seen signs of growing numbers of baghests, banshees and howlers in the forests,” Namwyn said.

“We too have seen more activity from such creatures of darkness,” Eldinil said. “We have also had reports of snow giants leaving their southern ice to cause problems.”

I thought of the snow giants who had come to the North Pole to help resurrect the frozen one we had found. It had been a tense time – but it had led to the dwarves and gnomes joining us once again.

“Not all of these beings have ill intent,” Namwyn said. “Some wish for peace, and have given us some warnings.”

“But what is most troubling is that humans are joining them,” Eldinil said.

“Some humans have begun to experiment with the dark arts,” Rurgec said. “Many of them do not realize what they are about. They think it is a game. But it infects them and poisons their souls.”

“Then there are those who know what they are doing is wrong, but do not care,” Eldinil said.

“The result is that evil grows,” Namwyn said. “Darkness spreads in away that it has not since what the humans call the Second World War.”

“I have seen signs of it,” I said with a sigh. “More greed, more selfishness.

“But I have also seen instances of great love and compassion, or care for others,” I added.

“The creator does not leave us without help - or hope,” Eldinil said.

“True,” I said. “I have seen him do it again and again during my years as a gift giver.”

We agreed to work together to keep good alive.

That willingness gives me hope.


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