Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Oh my goodness.

Yesterday was almost a disaster.

The mail pilot did not know about all the snow made by Dimmis’ machine. The village does not look like the village. Plus, it was snowing.

So the pilot, Ulnar of Sweden, landed right on the pile in the town square. But his plane reached the edge of the pile and went over, crashing into the stuffed animal storehouse.

The animals cushioned his landing, so he did not get hurt.

A number of teddy bears didn’t, though!

Then part of the pile collapsed on some of the tunnels we dug Sunday. No one was in them - thank goodness – but it meant more digging.

The dwarves added some bracing to the tunnels, but they say the pile is too unstable and needs to be cleared away.

We dug into the night last night, so I could not write. And I’ve just finished a meeting about the snow.

We are going to try our normal snow removal procedures. But for a job this size, it means suspending all toy making for a few days.

And Christmas is just two-and-half months away!


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