Monday, October 10, 2005

I fall in love

Back to the story of my wife.

After helping the people of Rhundveld with their plague, we returned home.

But we were soon on the road again.

We visited many of the neighboring towns and villages, telling them what to do to end their plague.

Sometimes we traveled together. More often, we went our separate ways.

Meanwhile, our reputations spread.

The kindly old Nicholas. The saintly Anna Kristina. The young and creative Nicholas..

I think people started to mix us together.

But as happy as I was about helping others, I was troubled.

“You look glum,” Peter said to me one night.

“Ah, a little,” I said. It is nothing.”

Then I sighed.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were in love,” he said, laughing.

Then he looked at me in a funy way.

“You are. You are in love. With Anna Kristina? Of course.”

He smiled, shook his head, and added, “You old devil, you.”

In love? Me?


But, then I knew I was indeed falling in love.

But I could not. I should not.

Devil indeed.

I was on a mission from God to bring joy to the children of the world.

I was a bishop.

And…I had died!

I needed to talk to someone. Someone with clear vision.

So I decided to see the Bishop of Freising.

I had heard he was a wise man and holy man.

I just hoped he didn’t think me mad!


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