Saturday, October 08, 2005


Work continues on getting the snow cleared out of the town square.

We've been hauling away blocks of white, red, blue and green snow.

For now, the blocks are being left just outside the town. We will move them away later.

But not all of them.

Some of the more creative members of the North Pole community have already begun to carve the blocks. The layers of color make for interesting effects.

Several gnomes began a project of making snow sculptures of the ark and pairs of animals! Other carvers have joined them. We already have some beautiful elephants, camels, mooses, and wolves partly done.

The suggestion has been made that we also keep some of the blocks in the town square so we can have scultures there.

Meanwhile, some dwarves have begun a secret sculpture. They keep it hidden as they work. We are all curious.

I like the creativity.

I also like the fact that everyone is working together.

I might even try one. I wonder if I can get Mrs. Claus to pose?


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