Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Candidates for the naughty list

My blog has been spammed!

My e-mail has been spammed before, but I had not experienced that with my blog until recently.

On one level, I don’t mind.

Some folks are trying to make a living as salespeople. I don’t hold that against them. If I am not interested, I can just ignore them.

What saddens me, though, is the approach some take.

They praise my blog, telling me what a wonderful one it is, how well written, how it is better than the others they read, and so on. They tell me they will certainly benchmark my blog.

I have received the same basic message from several people. It is as if they are all working from the same script.

There are no indications they ever return. There is no attempt to talk about what I am writing about. There is no attempt to be genuinely and sincerely personal.

I know they are just buttering me up to try to get me interested in what they are selling.

But a good salesperson can do that without lying.

These people are clearly not being truthful.

That saddens me.

Why, I just might have to reconsider the whole lump of coal story!


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