Thursday, September 08, 2005

How do you think I look?

I’m feeling much better today after my soccer mishap yesterday.

I still have a little stiffness.

Even though I have been blessed by the Lord with a long life on Earth, I can still be hurt.

Oh, I’ve had more than a few injuries from falls, frightened squirrels, and a bowling ball (don’t ask).

But one of the blessings in my long life of being the gift giver is that I heal quickly.

Also, my body doesn’t age.

I have looked basically the same age for centuries.

I have, however, gained some weight in some countries!

I’d better explain that.

You see, I appear the way people believe I look.

So in most places I am a bearded jolly fellow who dresses in red.

But in some places, I am thin, or beardless, or dressed in green or brown.

So what do I really look like?

That’s up to you!


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