Monday, September 12, 2005

Spit and polish for the meeting

Hmm. Things are getting curious.

I spoke with Eomar about the meeting with the king of the elves Friday.

He told me he had not contacted the king. Nor did he know anyone who had.

Eomar is not a liar. So who spoke to the king?

Or does the meeting have nothing to do with the dwarves and gnomes at the North Pole?

Now I am really wondering!

To help me get ready me ready for the meeting, the stable elves have been polishing my sleigh, and cleaning the harnesses and reins.

On Thursday, they plan to give the reindeer baths and good brushings.

Meanwhile, by lovely wife got out my best suit and brushed it down.

She also asked me to try it on.

It was a little tight.

Too many cookies!

So for the next couple of days, I diet.

Maybe that funny song I printed yesterday was true!


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