Saturday, September 03, 2005

A quiet week - and a quiet evening

Because I have been spending time telling how I met my wife – and there’s more to the story! – I have failed to record much of what has been going on here at the North Pole in the last week.

Fortunately, after the visit of the giants last week, things have been quiet.

Still, there are some tensions about the dwarves and gnomes now living here. Eomar has been civil, but he has barely spoken to me.

The study of the tunnels continues. Gimlitin even found some Goblin artifacts in the deepest tunnels.

Fortunately, the artifacts were all old.

The study of the forest greenhouse idea has also shown signs of progress. Dwobnab and his people are very happy.

Tonight will be a quiet night at home. I am making some popcorn, and then my beloved wife and I will sit and watch the fire.

Sometimes, the simple times are the best.


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