Sunday, September 04, 2005


We had a surprise today.

A chorus sang for us on the village commons.

The gnomes, naturally, took the lead to organize it.

But the choir included dwarves and elves.

The voices blended together so well.

It turns out they’ve been practicing for the last tow weeks.

Dwobnab told me later that the dwarves had had a hard time blending in with the other voices in harmony. At first, they’d sounded like bullfrogs, he said.

Of course, I have heard dwarves sing. They have beautiful songs and voices – once you get used to them. They are an acquired taste – like bagpipes (of which I am also fond!)

Still, I can see that from the musical point of view of gnomes - or elves, for that matter – dwarf voices take extra getting used to!

The chorus sang three songs. They were wonderful. We all applauded.

This is exactly what I wanted to see. All races living together in harmony!


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