Thursday, September 15, 2005

Beautiful music

I didn’t get a chance to write last night.

The gnomes – with the help of some elves and dwarves – have created a wonderful choir.

They are learning more songs. Last night was rehearsal. I went.

My ears are still smiling!

The leader of the choir, Seeger (I’m not kidding, that really is his name!), has real skill at blending voices and different styles of music.

There was one dwarf song they are working on that was simply beautiful.

Even the dwarves were shedding a few tears!

One funny note. (pun intended!)

Some of the gnomes sing so high – well above soprano – that the notes went beyond normal human hearing. But Shulun, my dog, could hear. His ears kept dancing up and down as they sang, and at one point he broke into a howl.

Well, that stopped the song.

Seeger looked at Shulun, waved his baton at him, and said, “That was flat.”

The whole choir started to laugh.

Shulun wagged his tail.

Ah, I wish I could take Seeger and the choir with me for my visit with Eldinil, the King of the Elves.

About that meeting: I have been good. No cookies. The suit almost fits!

We’ve had some snow lately at the North Pole.

We still have sunlight – about 14 hours a day – and it’s not too cold yet (we may even hit 33 F today) so it’s a good time for the elf, gnome, and dwarf children to get out to play.

They built snow forts and snow figures. One group built a snow Santa.

One look at it - and all the extra snow they packed around its middle - and I was glad that I am on that diet!


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