Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cold weather, warm home

Minus 21 (F) and snow.

Those are the conditions at the moment.

We’ve had a number of days like this in a row. More are in the forecast.

And, no sun.

This is the time of the year many of the elves choose to go on vacation.

The equipment has all been repaired – or new parts ordered.

No more gift giving for a while.

Things are slow and easy.

So it’s a good time to head south.

Of course, from here, everywhere is south!

We often close the workshops early at this time of year. We did so today.

Much as I love the Christmas season, I love this time of the year too.

Tonight, Mrs. Claus and I plan to listen to some music, drink hot chocolate, and maybe play a game of cards.

My advice to everyone reading this is to turn off the television – or the computer - and spend some time with loved ones.


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