Monday, January 09, 2006

Where to get the power?

Back to work, but a light day.

My mind has been on the greenhouse report anyway.

The idea is to have a small forest here at the North Pole for the sakes of the gnomes, dwarves and elves.

We have some greenhouses to grow food and Christmas plants such as poinsettias, but nothing on the scale we would need for full-sized trees.

The report raises the issue I had feared from the beginning would hold up the project. We simply don’t produce the amount of energy we would need to provide heat and light in a large greenhouse in the winter.

We use a lot of solar and wind power during the rest of the year. But in the winter there is no sun. And the winter winds are too strong.

So the next part of the project is to see if we can come up with some energy ideas.

Mrs. Claus joked that if we gave enough children cookies, the energy produced would be more than sufficient!


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