Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A letter I'm thankful for

I love getting mail.

In the weeks before Christmas I get flooded with letters and cards and drawings. Children wish me well, and ask about my wife, the reindeer and the elves. And, of course, they send me their lists.

I get millions of letters then. Literally.

But I also get letters after Christmas. Not as many, but I sometimes like them better.

Thank you letters.

I got a batch today.

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the new bicycle. I promise I will wear the helmet.

Duane Stroyer

Dear Santa Claus,

Did you like the cookies? I made them.

Thank you for the new pants. I have worn them. They fit good.

The legos are fun. I built a fort.

Your friend,
Aaron Malone

But the letter that touched me the most was one from a girl whose brother had been in a terrible accident around Thanksgiving time. The doctor’s had not been sure he would live, so she asked me to “fix him” in her Christmas letter.

Today I got:

Dear Santa,

Reggie is sitting up in bed now. He ate ice cream with me. He is learning how to walk.

Thank you for making him better.

I love you,

Of course, I did not make her brother better. That is not one of the gifts I can give. But I did pray for Reggie, and the doctors working on him.

And as for gifts, I think Sheila’s letter is a wonderful one.


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