Sunday, January 22, 2006

Beautiful music - and sad thoughts

A visit today instead of going out. No movie surprises.

Dicross, his wife Cacro, and their seven children.

They all play musical instruments. After dinner, we had a little concert.

It was delightful.

After they finished playing, Mrs. Claus and I applauded enthusiastically.

“It is wonderful to see a family play together,” I said.

“It is wonderful to have the whole family,” Dicros said. “We almost didn’t.”


“When Cacro was carrying our second youngest, Jaisa, she became sick. The doctors said carrying the baby to term might threaten her life. They suggested terminating the pregnancy.”

“Not one of our doctors here?” I asked.

“No. in Germany. We obviously chose not to.”

I looked at Jaisa. “I’m glad you didn’t.”

I sighed.

“Sadly, too many mothers - and fathers - choose otherwise. Most don’t even face
death. It’s just the wrong time, or the inconvenient, or they are not married, or they are afraid. So many reasons. So many children lost.”

The children began to play again. Dicross and Cacro joined them.

I smiled, But I was sad, too.

How much beautiful music has been lost?


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