Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Maintenance begins

On Christmas day I rested after getting back.

On Boxing Day I slept late. So did all the elves. Then we checked the gifts and the lists.

After that, we began to inspect the workshops.

You see, working full speed for months, things tend to get dirty, worn down, broken. In some of the workshops, equipment was being held together with duct tape the last few days!

So yesterday was spent taking things apart, cleaning, and repairing. This process will take a few weeks. We go slow. The pace here does not really pick up until summer.

No rush. We’ll soon have a list of parts that need to be replaced. Some we can do here. Some will be ordered and shipped.

I also have some more gifts to deliver. Some folks give gifts up through Epiphany.

But for some of those gifts, I go in different forms.

I’ll explain tomorrow.

Right now, I’ve got a doll head molding machine that needs some TLC!


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