Saturday, December 17, 2005

A poem from a friend

I have been so busy these last few weeks I've had no time to write. This past week alone we've been working every night until 10 or 11. We even worked today - normally a day for games.

The elves petitioned last week to work on Sunday. I said no. The Sabbath is a day for prayer, and rest, and family. Some worked anyway.

They asked again about working tomorrow. Again I said no. But I fear some will work.

My good friend Lee is working this year as a mall Santa. He's long dreamed of doing it. I am happy for him.

He sent me a poem about it:

A Mall Santa's Prayer

As I hold each precious child
let me treat each one
with the love and care I'd show
Your most holy Son.

How like him.

We should try to turn everything we do into an occasion for prayer. (Though, to be honest, I sometimes fail to do so. And they call me a saint. Ha!)


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