Thursday, December 08, 2005

A close call with the reindeer

Today we nearly had a disaster during the practice flight.

The reindeer as usual were full of energy and excitement

The stamped and pawed until we were able to race out of the stable.

We soared into the air far faster than we will be able to in 16 days.

The wind whipped around me. It was COLD (the reason I never deliver pets at Christmas. The poor creatures would freeze!)

Just at that moment, the wrapping around Rudolph’s nose worked loose.

As you know, his nose normally glows brightly. During these practice flights, he is always so excited it glows even brighter. Passing planes can easily spot us. So can spy satellites.

The wrapping flew away.

And just at that moment a military jet passed us by.

It turned. He had spotted us.

“Boys, we need to move!” I yelled.

Now, one of the things about my sleigh and my wonderful team is that we can fly faster than the fastest plane. That’s one of the reasons I am able to deliver gifts so quickly on Christmas Eve.

So we dove down toward the icy surface wreathed in the darkness the Arctic’ 24-hour night.

But as we dove, a second military jet streaked down toward us. And a third.

It was a patrol!

And there was Rudolph’s nose still glowing!

We swooped down to just a few feet above the ice. Then we sped away. I turned o look.

The tree jets were trailing far behind.

When we got back, I checked with the elves monitoring radio signals.

“Guess what,” he said with a mischievous smile. “There was a UFO spotted near the North Pole.”

I shook my head.

“Send a signal to the Canadians,” I said.

I had worked out arrangements with select people in the nations of the world and their military.

By tomorrow, there will be a report about a meteor falling, or an experimental missile, or some such story.

Thank the Lord it wasn’t a private flight or an airliners. Hose reports are harder to take care of.

As for Rudolph’s nose – I think the research elves need to come up with some new cover.

Too bad we can't just unscrew it light a light bulb - as they say in that comic version of Rudolph's song.

"... You would even say it glows (Like a light bulb!)..."


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