Monday, December 26, 2005

Another Christmas

It’s over for this year. (Well, except for the 12 days, and the feast of the Three Kings.)

The reindeer have all been cooled down, washed, rubbed, brushed, and fed. They are now snoring!

The elves have begun the cleaning and repair work on the sleigh. (Some roofs in need of repair resulted in some dings and snags. And then there was that flag pole in Bolivia I didn’t see until the last moment.)

The suit is in the laundry, waiting to be cleaned of soot, pine, cat and dog slobber (some of them are quite friendly when I pop in!), cookie crumbs and milk and hot chocolate dribbles (I have to work fast!), and some good, honest sweat.

The gift and list elves are checking to make sure that everything got delivered (sometimes we have to send a few items late because they got overlooked, or the lists came in too late for packing).

I have showered and changed. I have my comfy robe and slippers on. Ahh.

But no cookies or hot chocolate or milk today - Please!

I will relax. Read a little. Nap.

Tomorrow I get back to work.

After all: Christmas is just 364 days away!


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