Thursday, September 01, 2005

Help arrives

There was uproar in the courtroom.

The priest signaled for calm.

The crowd gradually began to quiet.

“If he were the devil,” he said, “could we have captured him so easily?”

A few of the people nodded.

“No, he is not the devil. But he is likely one of his servants.”

“I serve none but the Holy Trinity,” I said.

“Silence,” the judge yelled.

But I could see in the priest’s eyes uncertainty. I had name the Trinity – something most common men would not do.

“Are you certain you saw him in the woods?” the judge said to the farmer.

“Well,” he said uncertainly, “it looked like him.”

At that moment, I saw a twinkling at the window. I smiled. My elves had arrived.

Then I saw a butterfly land on the sill.

They had gotten my message.

Time for some fun.


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