Monday, July 25, 2005

Waiting - and a love poem

More snow giants have gathered at the cliff. They have put up a tent over the body of the frozen giant. His body is now on a platform.

When I went to visit, I could feel the ice vibrating even hundreds of feet away because of all the humming giants.

Kinkako, a female giant, told me that Kackanokack was due to arrive tomorrow.

I stayed out of the tent. They deserve their privacy

Instead, the elves who had come with me and I went to the ice cave we had dug to get the giant out.

We all agreed: It will make a perfect site for a workshop.

The only other news of today is that we got a postcard from Lotina and Alegas in Ireland.

They are having a wonderful time. I am glad.

It brought back fond memories of my own honeymoon with Mrs. Claus.

So I scribbled her a poem:

thinking of you
my wintery heart beats
like springtime

I hope she likes it.


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