Wednesday, July 20, 2005

An elf wedding - the end

We awoke Saturday to the sound of music. Elf music. If you want to know what elf music is like, watch a sunset, or dance beneath a rainbow, or put your hand in the water of a waterfall, or take a deep breath in a garden in bloom.

We all trickled down to the great hall. It glittered and glistened. A breakfast feast was laid out, elf style. Alegas and Lotina were waiting.

“Welcome to our wedding day,” they said, their voices blending so they sounded as one voice.

We all sat to find gifts. Mine was a small mirror that, when tuned over, showed the back of my head!

We ate amid laughter and burst of song and the music continued.

Even the North Polar Bear seemed to have his appetite back.

I looked around the room.

Elves, humans, a bear, dwarves, gnomes, snow giants, pixies, sprites, and many more. I thought for a moment I even saw some angels!

As we finished, we wandered back to our rooms to change.

As Lotina had requested, I put on my bishop’s robe. I was a bishop, after all – I remain one, technically - and I am often pictured as one.

I looked in my new mirror.

“Yes, the back of my head looks fine,” I said, and laughed.

My beloved wife put on a beautiful blue dress. I picked up her hand and kissed it.

“Do you want people to look at you instead of the bride, my dear?”

I led her to the chapel, where she was seated by the ushers. I waited at the back for the bride.

Lotina came in from the dressing room. She was wearing the green dress she had designed for the day.

“You look beautiful,” I said.

She blushed. (Have you ever seen an elf blush? It makes you want to laugh. So I did!)

I looked up the aisle, and saw that Alegas was about to enter. The processional music began.

“Thank you for letting me be part of this,” I said, and took her arm.

We processed in, and I presented her to Alegas. An old-fashioned thing to do, I know, but elves like tradition. (So do I – when they are good ones.)

I watched at they took their vows. I was reminded of all the weddings I had been part of over the years, especially those of my children. Rather than blending together, each was special.

Before I knew it, Alegas and Lotina were processing down the aisle, now a married couple.

Oh, the celebration that night! The music! The dancing! The food!
I danced with Lotina – she had chosen a Turkish tune to honor my homeland.

I danced with my wife many times.

I danced with several elvish line dances.

I danced a stomp with the dwarves.

I even danced with the North Polar Bear.

At the right time, I let Peri borrow my sleigh to fly the couple to Ireland for their honeymoon (the leprechauns had prepared a special cottage for them).

It was a good thing they left just then.

Not long after we had waved goodbye, the North Polar Bear got a little too enthusiastic.

As usual.

He jumped up on a table to dance.

Unfortunately, he landed on a platter full of cake and ice cream. He did a flip, and cake and ice cream showered on all the dwarves at the table.

Being dwarves, they decided they had to pay him back. They picked up their own servings of cake and ice cream and threw them at the bear.

Some of the cake and ice cream actually hit him.

The rest hit other dwarves. They just had to respond.

It also hit some nearby elves. They also decided they had to respond.

After all, what elf will let a dwarf get away with anything!

A full-fledged food fight broke out in that part of the hall.

Several of the snow giants tried to stop the fight. But they slipped and fell. The floor shook so hard several tables collapsed, including one with bowls of punch.

Punch flooded the dance floor.

Dancers were slipping and sliding and flipping and falling. One elf even ended up hanging from a chandelier!

Just at that moment I came back in to the hall from saying goodbye to the honeymooners.

Three pieces of cake and two scoops of ice cream hit me right in the face!

There was suddenly silence.

I reached up a finger and wiped away some ice cream from my forehead. I licked my finger.

I frowned.

“What, no strawberry?” I said.

Everyone laughed.

We all then started to clean up the mess. It took several hours.

That silly bear worked right until the end. He was so sorry.

On the whole, it was a wedding to remember!


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