Friday, July 22, 2005

A quiet day - a climbing I will go!

It’s a quiet time here at the North Pole.

Most of the elves normally take vacations in July. After the wedding, many of them decided that since they were already away from the Pole, they might as well just continue to where they were going on vacation.

They scattered from Bavaria to all parts of the world.

We just flew back to the North Pole. We will take some time in August.

I began this day as usual. A time of prayer, then reading some mail.

I had a lovely breakfast with my darling wife. I am writing now because I plan to explore some ice cliffs near the Pole.

I like to climb. We also might build some new workshops. We’ve had to expand operations so many times in recent years.

There are those who say that belief in me is fading. I think it is growing. There are so many children in the world who are desperate to believe in someone or something they can count on.

They know that no matter what, I am there. They know that I will always love them.

A wise Teacher set that example for us all to follow.

That’s why I begin each day with prayer.


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