Friday, July 29, 2005

Peaceful Blessings

It was a quiet day through the rest of yesterday. But it did get a bit crowded here at the North Pole.

Because they heard there might be trouble, many more elves returned early from their vacations. They brought some other elves with them to help. We also had a number of dwarves and gnomes arrive.

By evening, we were jammed to the rafters with guests! But because the great hall needed repair after the fest with the giants, we had no one place to put them all to eat. So they spread out through all the workshop dining halls. And when it came time to sleep,m they had to sleep four to a bed in some places!

When we woke this morning, the giants were gone, as they had promised. They did leave one gift: they dug out more of the cave so that there was more than enough room to build a workshop.

I suspect Kackanokack had something to do with that.

Since there were so many elves, dwarves, gnomes and humans (Zbigniew Ting and his family and friends decided to stay a couple of days) with nothing to do, Elniori, the elf in charge of construction, had a suggestion. Our guests could help to repair the great hall, and finish building the fireworks factory.

They al jumped at the chance.

My goodness, you should see how much they got done today.

They even agreed to work on Saturday, a day we normally rest, just to finish both projects.

This adventure with the giants may turn out to be a blessing!


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