Sunday, January 01, 2012

January 1 - A Gift of Mead

Sometimes Santa gets gifts. Last might I enjoyed one.

My bush pilot friend, Zbigniew Ting, made a delivery here December 24. He gave my darling wife a gift for me to hide under our tree.

I finally got to open my gifts after all my deliveries - and amid all the wonderful things given to me by my family and the good elves, and in addition to the many delightful gifts sent me by the children of the world, there was one the one from Zbigniew.

A bottle of mead.

Honey wine.

Seems he was in Western New York and found a place that produced fine mead. Knowing my fondness for this sweet drink, he bought me a bottle.

Last night to toast the New Year I opened the bottle and had a glass of mead.

Ah. Thank you Zbigniew. You must stop by for a glass yourself.


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