Saturday, December 03, 2011

There may be plans afoot

My feast day is coming up Tuesday.

Normally Mrs. Claus and I celebrate it privately, except for getting to Mass, with a nice dinner the next day. The actual day, of course, I'm busy delivering gifts.

But this year I've heard some whispering among the elves about the date, with some quick glances at me, and then some giggles.

I suspect they are planning something.

It's not an special anniversary year. I entered my current way of life in 343, so it's only been 1,668 years.

Part of me is tempted to steal away to some place where they won't fin me, but that would not be fair, I suppose.

I guess I'll just have to smile and enjoy whatever they have planned.

Maybe it will even be nothing at all - that would be a joke on me!


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