Sunday, December 06, 2009

Happy Feast Day to Me!

Today is my feast day.

For those not of a Catholic persuasion, a saint's fest day is not their birthday - it's the day they die and enter eternal life.

Now the fact that I was declared a saint in the first place always amazed me. But who am I to question God and the Church?

It was after I died that I was asked to serve the children of the world in my special ministry. I've been doing it for 1,700 years now.

Some years the elves throw a big celebration. This year, I went to Mass, then spend a quiet day at home reading and responding to letters, and then a nice dinner with just Mrs. Claus and me, and our cat Mathom and our dog Shulun.

Mrs' Claus is now playing the piano, and I am going to drink a cup of hot chocolate and listen.



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