Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who's nice (and who's naughty)

I just stopped in at the North Pole for Mass and breakfast with my dear wife, then I'll be off again.

One thing people don't realize is that during the Christmas season I have so many visits to make - malls, parties, special events, breakfasts. Good thing with time displacement (don't ask me how it works!) I can be in so many places at once.

Besides visiting, I'm also doing some checking up on the nice and naughty lists - especially of the folks who are on the edge of switching from one list to another.

Yes, I'm checking up on some of you!

I see how you behave in the malls, standing in lines waiting to see me, when we visit. Are you behaving, or misbehaving?

I'm checking my list.

Even during the rest of the year I visit places. I might just be that fellow in the line behind you at the checkout. Or the man sitting on the bench watching you play games. Or the guy serving you in the cafeteria or in the restaurant.

Pout and fuss, throw a tantrum, yell at your sisters or brothers or parents - I might just see it. Be polite, be patient, help someone - I might just witness it.

And then perhaps I'll have to change my list.

So keep in mind that you never know if I'm watching!


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