Thursday, November 10, 2005

Trip update

Sorry I have not written in a while. We have been moving about.

It has been an enjoyable trip so far. We have seen many beautiful sites. The multi-colored leaves of the Finger Lakes hills reminded are magnificent. The lakes are beautiful, too.

And we have tasted may fine wines, some good mead, and even some beer.

We visited Naples, N.Y., and also tried grape pie. It was delicious.

As for toys, many of the toys are the same or similar to the dolls, blocks, games, and whatnot that have been popular for years. Oh, there are some tie-ins to television and movie character, and even video games, but on the whole, the toy market is the same.

At the North Pole, we don’t compete with the video game/computer market anyway.

As enjoyable as the trip has been, however, I am looking forward to returning home.


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