Sunday, October 30, 2005


Even before the sun rose, I rushed to the baker’s house.

I hesitated to knock.

Was I too early?

What if they were just waking?

What if they were just settling down to eat breakfast?

What if she had changed her mind?

The front door opened.

Anna Kristina stepped out.

She saw me, and laughed.

“I was just coming to see you,” she said.

“I have news.” I said.

“I do, too.”

“You go first.”

“No, you.”

“St. Peter,” we both blurted.

We both laughed.

“A visit?” I asked.

“You, too?”

“He’s been busy,” I said.

“He said that we were free to marry,” she said.

“He told me the same.”

At that point we hugged. We said nothing.

After a moment, we, pulled back, but still held hands.

“I have been dispensed from my promise of celibacy. He was the first pope, after all.”

“He told me we had a choice.”

“You know what I choose.”

“But,” she added, “he told me that as with all choices, there are consequences.”

“Yes, it will mean changes in my life style.”

“It could mean children, and a settled home.”

I nodded. “I had thought of that. But I can think of no better reason for changing my ways.”

We hugged again.

And that’s how we became engaged.

Some day I’ll tell you about our wedding.


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