Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A poem from a friend

I got this poem in today’s mail. I liked it!

My father thinks he’s Santa Claus,
he has the beard and hair.
The only clothes he’ll wear are red
(including underwear).

All day long he practices
laughing, Ho! Ho! Ho!
And he orders milk and cookies
everywhere we go.

The garage he made a stable,
it’s where his reindeer dwell.
And he sold his car to purchase
a sleigh that looks real swell.

The neighbors say he’s crazy.
My friends all think so, too.
But he just says, “Merry Christmas,
and Happy New Year, too.”

My poor mother, she’s so worried,
but I know what to do.
I’m making a Christmas wish list,
just in case – wouldn’t you?


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