Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dwarf improvements and ideas

Today was a day of work.

The paint in the fireworks factory is still wet, so we couldn’t do anything there. But all the other workshops were up to speed.

The dwarves have already made some wonderful suggestions about ways to improve some of the machines at the North Pole. They are very clever that way.

I also took some dwarves with me to the ice cave left by the snow giants.

It is a big space, We will be able to fit a big factory in there. I will meet with the elves to decide what to move there.

But then Gimlitin, one of the dwarves, had an idea.

“You should dig tunnels,” Gimlitin said. “That way, you could connect al the workshops for times when the weather is bad. Tunnels could also help in times of trouble.”

I felt a shudder when he mentioned tunnels.

There are already tunnels under the North Pole. The goblins used them years ago to steal toys and attack us. That was a terrible time.

After the troubles of the 1930s, we closed off all the tunnels.

I explained all that to Gimlitin.

“You did not have dwarves helping you,” he said. “We can show you how to hide them, and to protect them. We know how to keep goblins out.”
Dwarves are very skilled when it comes to tunnels. My first workshop in Bavaria was in a former dwarf tunnel complex.

And goblins do try to keep away from dwarves.

I will have to think about Gimlitin’s offer. Another thing to discuss with the elves!

Oh, but now I must think differently. We have dwarves and gnomes helping us here at the North. They should have a say, too.

We have a meeting coming up in a week. I will have to invite them to sit in.

We are becoming like the United Nations up here at the North Pole. Except we should be called the United Species!


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