Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Before the visit - our children

I mentioned that I was going to visit a relative who does not know he is a relative.

I should explain.

Mrs. Claus and I had many children, some by birth, some by adoption.

It didn’t matter how: they were all ours.

A few remained with us in the work for a time, but all eventually moved on.

Some of those children had children, who in turn had children, and so on in the natural way of things (and according to God’s plan).

Over the years, many forgot that they were ours. Some drifted very far away.

Others grew up in families that have kept alive the spirit and gift that God gave me.

I could name names - but then, I would leave some out, so I won’t!

Suffice it to say that there are thousands of people today who have descended from me.

Here’s a clue: People who are generous, who love children, who truly celebrate Christmas, who cherish faith, just might be my children.

Oh, and those who play me or Mrs. Claus – that’s another possible sign.

So treat them all as you would treat me. Maybe offer them a cookie!

As for the relative we will visit – he is a direct descendant by blood.

Won’t he be surprised!


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