Saturday, April 01, 2006

Christmas songs

I've been listening to some new Christmas songs lately.

Of course, considering how old I am, "new" is relative.

There are a number of albums with traditional songs on them. Some of them are quite nice.

And there are some nice Christian albums with original Christmas songs.

But new songs that might make it on to mainsteam radio are few.

So many of these songs are funny, or at least try to be funny.

Grandma getting run over by reindeer sort of songs.

Perhaps its part of the spirit of the times. People have a hard time taking things seriously - even when they are serious.

After all, what could be more serious that God being born into the world to save us?

As for the Christian Christmas songs, they are sincere, but sincerity does not necessarily translate into good music.

Amy Grant and Gary Chapman had a nice one back in the 1980s with "Tennessee Christmas." I wish there were more of those.

Maybe I should try my hand at it.

I'd better put some new strings on my guitar first.


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