Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dancing Santa

Last night something unexpected happened.

Mrs. Claus and I were exhausted after fighting the flu and taking care of all the sick North Pole residents.

We expected just to have a quiet evening at home.

But as we were relaxing in the living room, I put on some music.

Mrs. Claus went into the kitchen to get something to drink.

When she returned, something about the way that she looked made me get up, and take her in my arms. Then we began to dance.

Around and around the room.

Mathom, our cat, looked up at us.

Shulun, our dog, began to beat his tail in time to the music.

We danced through one tune after another. We laughed. Then we dance some more.

We must have danced for 20 minutes.

Finally, we sat down.

It had been many years since we last danced (except at weddings, of course).

So many memories of happy times flashed through my mind as we danced.

We must do it again!


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