Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hippie Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends in the United States.

For us at the North Pole, this is just a regular day of work. We don’t have any American elves at this time.

In fact, we have had very few elves from the U. S. in our entire history.

Elves tend to live in Europe. I have met a few from the States. They or their ancestors moved over with those who emigrated to the U.S. But only a few elves did so, and so their numbers are relatively small.

About 35 years we did have two elves who were from the U.S. They were cousins who had decided to “find themselves” Hippie elves!

They were an interesting pair.

They wore colorful clothes – even by elvish standards. They promoted vegetarianism. They promoted non-violence and opposed the Vietnam War. They tried to teach the other elves transcendental meditation.

They did celebrate Thanksgiving one time while here. But, of course, the feast was all vegetarian. It was at that feast that I tasted tofu for the first time. Groovy.

After about two years, they left to live at a commune in Kentucky.

They still live in Kentucky, though no longer on a commune. They make wooden toys that they sell on the internet. The money raised helps to support a community center run by a priest in an impoverished region of Kentucky.

The priest is Irish. Maybe there’s a bit of the wee folk in him!

So Happy Thanksgiving to them, too.

Oh, and “Peace.”


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