Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A job offer

One other amusing moment occurred during our visit to the Strong Museum in Rochester at the induction ceremony for the Toy Hall of Fame.

Shortly after the ceremony, Mrs. Claus and I were looking at a doll exhibit. A little girl was looking at the dolls too.

She turned to me and pointed to a sign.

“What does that say?”

I squatted down next to her and read the sign. It was something about where the dolls had been made.

I was concerned that the girl was alone.

“Where are your parents,” I asked.

“I don’t know. What does that say?” she asked, pointing to another sign.

I decided to stay with her. My wife stood with us. If no one showed up, we could take her to security.

I walked around with her and read some of the other signs. Finally, her mother – who had obviously been looking for her – rushed up to us.

“There you are,” she said with obvious relief. Then she looked at me warily.

“She has been helping me read the signs,” I said cheerily.

“He knows a lot about dolls,” the girl said to her mother. “Is he Santa?”

I laughed. Her mother did, too. After thanking us, she led the girl away.

At that point a large man approached us. He extended his hand.

We shook.

“My name is Don,” he said. “You are good with children.”

“I like them.”

“It shows,” he said. “I work at a local mall and at parties as Santa. They’re always looking for more people, and I get too many calls for parties to handle them all. I think you’d be a natural. And you have your own beard already. Have you ever thought of playing Santa Claus?”

“It has crossed my mind.”

He took out a card and gave it to me.

“Give me a call it you’re interested. I think you’d be great.”

I thanked him.

Gee, maybe I’ve found a part-time job for the holidays!


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