Saturday, August 13, 2005

Sticky buns made with love

A day of play and concern.

And sticky buns.

The gnomes and dwarves continue to try to master the game of quagnog – with some amusing results.

But many of the elf teams were down some players, A number of the elves who called in sick on Friday did not show up.


I will have to see if they make it to church.

My dear wife continues to try to keep my spirits up.

She made some sticky buns with honey – just the way her father used to make them back in his bakery in Bavaria.

I think the honey was also in response to the way I said I first saw her – even though she still thinks I first saw her in her home village.

But then, I suppose she is right in one sense. The first time I saw her as an adult was in the woods. But when I think back, the first time I would have seen her was when she was a little girl sound asleep in the pre-dawn hours of Christmas.

I must tell you the story of how we met some time.

Right now, I have to wash my hands to get the stickiness off from those sticky buns!


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