Monday, August 15, 2005

Almost back to normal (even that bear!)

All the elves were back at work today (except Endilnas, who broke his leg trying to do a back flip during a quagnog game on Saturday, so he had a good excuse!)

Even at the foundry – all the elves were there including Eomar.

Things are still uneasy, though. Maybe with time and with the unhappy elves getting used to working with gnomes and dwarves will find their fears and concerns are not necessary.

Everything else was fine today. I got a lot of letters answered. Work in the new fireworks factory began.

The North Polar Bear tried to get into the factory to see how things were going. Elves were on guard at the front door, so he tried sneaking in a back door.

They had set a trap, though, and he spent much of the morning trapped upside down ten feet in the air in a net!

(Don’t worry, we let him down for lunch!)

Also, we got good news: Lotina and Alegas will be returning form their honeymoon tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see them.


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