Friday, December 27, 2013

Santa Claus in the movies

One of the questions I sometimes get asked is if I've seen certain movies about me, and if they are true.

Yes, I have seen many of them, but not all - the violent horror movies I avoid. Of the ones I have seen, none of them are true, though some are well-done and delightful.

The movies all focus on me as magical gift giver. The problem is that Christmas is not just about gift giving as in toys and clothes and such - though the giving of gifts is a good thing. Nor is the day - or me - just about family, or togetherness, or romance, as good as those things are.

Christmas is about the birth of the Messiah. I am called a saint (though I think myself unworthy of the title), and I was in my earthly life a bishop. Religious faith is central to my life and who I am. I pray daily. I go to daily Mass. I keep Jesus in mind in all that I do.

None of the movies I've seen deal with who I really am or the faith aspect that underlies my ministry or Christmas.

But as films, some of them are good. If I had to pick one, my favorite is the old Miracle on 34th Street.


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