Tuesday, July 09, 2013


As I enjoyed my visit with Zbigniew Ting, the more melancholy thoughts I'd had yesterday left me for a while.

I also thought of my darling wife.

God in his wisdom gave me a companion who is as long lived as am I. I had never expected such a gift or such a companion, for as a priest and bishop I had accepted a celibate lifestyle. But God saw that what was best for me was to have a wife, just like some of our Eastern brethren.

"Oh, one change since my last visit," Zbigniew interrupted my thoughts. "I'm going to be a grandfather again."

"Marvelous," I exclaimed. "When?"

"Just in time for Christmas," he grinned.

"Ah. A gift."

"Yes. Number seven."

At that moment I spotted my wife outside the window.

"We both have gifts to be thankful for," I said.


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