Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Is Almost Here

Somewhere along the way, they created Black Friday as a way to encourage sales in stores.

I don't mind store owners making money, but it has gone too far.

Long lines. Shoppers camping out. People forced to work on what should be a day for gathering and relaxing as a family.

And they keep extending the shopping season earlier and earlier. To before Halloween.

The focus is on shopping - not celebrating the holy day of Christmas and the birth of Jesus.

I also don't like what it has done to my role in Christmas.

In the old days, I would arrive on Thanksgiving Day. Ah, the parades, the celebration, the children rejoicing at my arrival.

Now, I'm being told to arrive weeks before Thanksgiving to visit with the children - and to inspire their parents and guardians to spend money on photographs.

I come for the children. But I am saddened by this cheapening of Christmas.