Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A delivery of special nature

Today I got a wonderful surprise.

I began my morning by working in the new fireworks factory. I started painting the walls.

There were a few other tasks around the village that kept me busy until late afternoon, then the mail plane arrived.

The mail is delivered here by a variety of bush pilots from different nations. They follow a special beacon signal to the village. We only start the signal when we receive a special code from the planes as they near the North Pole. Without our signal, it would be almost impossible to find our village.

Today’s pilot was Zbigniew Ting, of Canada, but originally of Russia. He is one of my favorite mail men.

“I am muchly full of joy seeing you,” Zbigniew said.

He then gave me a big hug.

“Oof!” I said. He is a big man who gives mighty hugs, especially when he is “muchly full of joy.”

The elves were unloading the mail sacks, when Zbigniew reached back into the plane and pulled out a large, brightly wrapped package.

“Delivery of special nature,” he said.

I looked at the return address. Olongapo, the Philippines.

I invited him up to the house for something warm to drink. I also knew he was dying to
know what was in the package.

Mrs. Claus was happy to see him, too. After some more hugs, we sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed some hot chocolate. Meanwhile, I took an envelope off the package. I opened it, and studied the short message inside, which was written in a neat hand.

“Dear Santa Claus,” the note read. “How are you? Every year people send you letters at Christmas time. Does anyone write the rest of the year? I just want to say I love you. Here is a Filipino treat I hope you like. Love, Angelina Alejandro.”

“Angelina Alejandro,” I mumbled. “Oh, yes, 10 years old. She has a pet parrot named Philippe who won’t keep quiet unless you give him something to eat.”

“I have moose like that who lives near my cabin,” Zbigniew said. “Sometimes I not sleeping at night with noise.”

I opened the package.

There were several coconuts in it, and several sealed containers. I opened one of the containers and sniffed.

“Calamay!” I exclaimed.

“Calamine?” Zbigniew asked. “You getting rash?”

“No,” Mrs. Claus said. “Calamay. It’s a wonderful Filipino dessert. It’s toasted ground rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar.”

I held up one of the coconuts. “And then you serve it in a coconut half shell.”

“With ginger tea to drink,” Mrs. Claus said. “And wouldn’t you know it, I have everything I need to make ginger tea.”

We invited Zbigniew to stay for dinner. After a wonderful meal, we had calamay for dessert, along with steaming cups of ginger tea.

“I am thinking,” Zbigniew said, “this Angelina is getting a stuffed stocking this year.”

“She was anyway,” I said “She’s a good girl.”

Then I had a second serving.

Though it’s six months early, “Maligayang Pasko! Angelina.” ( Merry Christmas!)


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