Friday, July 01, 2005

I begin

Santa has entered a new world: Blogdom.

My dear wife has suggested this to me many a time – including last week.

“People should know all that you do,” she said. “They think you just work at Christmas, then spend the rest of the year sitting around eating cookies.”

Ho! She is right about eating cookies year round.

But being Santa is a lot of work.

Why just today I had to visit the reindeer stables with the veterinarian elf (Cupid has a sore tooth), stop in at the factory before the research elves arrive to test some of the new toys they are developing (wait until you see what they’ve come up with!), answer several hundred letters, and shovel the walk. And that was all before breakfast.

By the way, I ate a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. No cookies before noon at this time of the year.

This afternoon I have to fly to Lapland to see some new reindeer candidates. The trip will give the team some good flying exercise, too. They tend to put on a few pounds in the off season – even without eating cookies.

Ah, the noon bell. Time for lunch – and a cookie!


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